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MED 601 Educational Research

Hi everyone, here is the category I have created for Ed Research Fall 2013.

Question: Is posting on a blog the same as being published? 


Class Syllabus Fall 2013

Here is our class syllabus; one of my goals is to turn this into a Thinglink syllabus with infographics.

Secondary Methods Fall 2013– an experiment

In order to further my own professional development in engagement of students of all ages, specifically teacher candidates I took a class in using online tools for engagement, so I will be using quite a few of those tools to teach teachers how to engage students even in face to face classes in actual buildings with a look to the future of perhaps some jobs in online schools!

One of the tools is web log, or blog. This is my BLOG— one category will be for our class together. My blog is set so that it is shared on my FB page– YOU get to decide that for yourself. I would recommend maybe NOT doing that at the beginning as you explore the balance of safety and risk in further developing your teaching skills. Because mine is shared so widely, I will adhere to FERPA principles and post general and generic references only.

Welcome to Fall 2013 Secondary Methods where we shall explore together the methods of teaching preteens, tweens, and teens using the newest research in teen development, issues of social justice and universal design ( access for all people), engagement of our students with our chosen content, using advanced relationship skills to effect positive and effective relationships withe strangers and other people, and specific methods of teaching to teach our content.

I will be expecting complex thinking, a sense of humor and fun, and hard work from all of us.

Again, a warm welcome!

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