Lord ( of the) Hill Ride: when mom gets to WATCH- oh lord, yeah….


So, when you loan a precious horse to someone else to ride—- what goes through your head? What kinds of questions, recriminations, guilt, news bulletins, etc. occur to you after you say * yes, you can ride my horse* ???

Recently, I am pretty sure, someone in my horsey friends circle would be able to say that I said * I would NEVER EVER let anyone ride my horse*.

Recognize yourself? 

So, once the *yes* word has been said and you find yourself actually riding someone else’s horse; I would bet that you wish that they never watch what you do on or with that horse, yes? I mean, it is one thing to say *yes*, but it is another thing completely to say *yes* and then have the owner of that horse WATCH your every move you make with that horse. WOW!  Takes a really secure ego to be able to ride said horse and have the owner WATCH you ride.

So, to stave off anxiety, which, of course, the horse would pick up on, I decided that I would just do whatever the owner said to do. Then, I rode the horse….and found that I had ideas of my own about how to proceed.

So, the discussion ensues, yes? But, you know what? the owner, in this case a new friend….. knows this horse better than I ever will; she has been with him, loved him, ridden him, and endured him for 6 or so years. I have, what, ridden him for…..a measly 10 weeks…… so, really, people, what do I know? NOTHIN MUCH! and I had better remember that……

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of doing a conditioning ride with Amanda, and her friend Linnea. The cool thing about this is that not ONLY do I get to continue riding Cato Potato BUT Amanda gets to ride with me…..and….. watch her horse go down the trail.

Those of you who ride, know, that the pleasure and privilege of riding a magnificent animal and the stress of having Cato’s owner watch you ride him 



Oh. My. GAWD. The narrative starts…. Yes, Amanda’s gonna watch every move you make, how your body looks when you ride, how you hold your hands, how you hold your face, how well you ride, aaaaaaaccccckkkk!!!!! cringe…. whether I am doing EVERYTHING right, how I hold the reins, how I sit in the saddle, how balanced I am, how I react when Cato spooklets, how I post, how I canter, how big my butt looks on his back, …….. stress stress stress STRESS!!!!!!!!

Oh. But. No. Amanda is watching her HORSE move, and how HIS body moves, and what HE looks like going down the trail, and what HE is doing; me? I am just window dressing…. HUGE sigh of relief.

That was a freeing moment….I could then yell back…. * So, Amanda, what is his butt doing NOW? and how about NOW? and what are his legs doing NOW? and how did he look gallumping up that hill? how about around that corner? how about NOW? 🙂 YEAH! the ride became much more fun after that epiphany!

Amanda happily, and sometimes analytically watched her big Buckskin guy go down the trail ahead of her…. and happily rode Ms Bizy Bee who rides like a Cadillac.

When do you ever get the absolute luxury of watching your horse move? My trainers are always on me about always getting another pair of eyes on me to ensure I am balanced, and to help me ride better. When do you ever get to be that extra pair of eyes and watch your own horse MOVE? Well, that is what happened June 23, 2013 at Lord Hill.

This is an especially lovely place to ride with many hills and lovely Pacific Northwest Jungle to ride through. Here is our garmin track: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/332426031 What a lovely place to ride! Here is the movie composite of our adventures: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK3ulYcWwac

Linnea was our trailmeister and ensured we did all the RIGHT Hills and stayed away from the WRONG ones, thankfully.

Then, afterward? Amanda and I chattered happily all the way home about what she SAW out there watching her big buckskin horse and I ride happily around Lord Hill.

THAT was wonderful

Cato and the gravel pile lord Hill comp


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