Cato’s Next Steps, learning from Farah

Cato and I look forward to Klickitat endurance ride

Cato and I look forward to Klickitat endurance ride

Cato, the Giant Buckskin has gone home to Woodinville, Epona Meadows, to his mom Amanda Madorno, BUT! Amanda and are taking Cato and Chance to Klickitat endurance ride! I am so excited to try a competition on the big guy.

Yes, I am excited but I am also worried— the yin and yang of endurance riding. I am concerned that Cato will not drink or eat after a conditioning ride; does that mean he will not eat or drink during a ride or at vet check?
(Dear Cato, you really need to learn how to eat from Farah, that mare is a machine and takes really good care of herself)

I am concerned about the puffiness of his left hind leg after two close days of hills; (although, K’tat has barely any hills at least on the LD);

I am concerned that I won’t be able to figure out a sustainable way to KEEP Cato in condition over the ride season; what is reasonable? What can I reasonably and sustainably do?

My heart says give my life and soul over to this wonderful horse…. my middle aged body and my loving hubs says, *uh, no*. Yeah, I’m a horse addict!

My sensible self says *Do Klickitat*, see how we does, then figure out June 8-July 8, try Bandit Springs July 13-14 where we can trailerpool and take both boys again; again, see how he does….. and after each time, make a sensible decision about *what’s next* for the big guy.

At the same time, while being worried, I am RELIEVED and delighted to have his mom, Amanda, as my partner in deciding Cato’s Next Steps. Between the two of us as well as Cato’s Fan Club…… we shall know what is best for the Buckskin Giant!

This plan shall allow us to see what he can do, what he will do, and what the best plan is.

We have really good models of endurance horses in the Le Blanc’s horses, Farah- Connie’s amazing mare, etc.

To get me OFF the Worry Wagon and reliving the victories he and I have experienced, I made a movie– enjoy!


One response to “Cato’s Next Steps, learning from Farah”

  1. Connie Hoge says :

    See how well you did at KT! No worries!

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