Kickin’ it UP- Cato goes to Klickitat Endurance ride…

Amanda, Cato’s mom, has offered me the offer of a lifetime! to ride her boy, Cato Potato on an LD at Klickitat endurance ride June, 2013 AND accompany us to help crew. Cato will be back in training/conditioning starting tomorrow ( I just returned from Mt Adams endurance ride). Conditioning shall go until May 24 whereupon Cato gets to rest for the week leading UP to Klickitat; I need to add * barring unforeseen circumstances* cuz we are, after all, dealing with horses here! But according to the neigh Cato gave me ( or gave Chance, LOL) when Chance and I returned from Mt Adams? he is READY to kick it UP a notch! RampitupBumpitUp! Let’s Go Ca-TO! more later….


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