*Dear Mom*, Cato writes home from Camp OlyWa

2013-05-15 11.39.00

Dear Mom, I am having a real good time here at Camp OlyWa, thank you so much for sending me here!

Camp Olywa is a LOT like home, different but the same, which makes me feel pretty good. There are green green pastures, and large run-around areas; I can run and play. and see a lot! These people here are slowly learning about my food, I know they mean well and they try real hard but no one does it like you, mom. I know they will get it cuz they are trying so hard.

There is a horse hotel we come into every night, but its’ cool, big enough to turn around, and we have our food there too, dinner inside! I can see everything over the wall, see my friends and the people who come over at night to play with the other horses; makes me feel very secure.  EVERYone feeds me carrots and pets my nose, there are VERY friendly people here.  They don’t know I sometimes eat apples at home, too. Coming inside every night is different, too,but it is OK. You would be very proud of me, I am doing OK! 

I have made four new friends here at Camp! There’s Darby, a giant white horse as big as me, Josh, a big brown horse wider than me but not as tall as me, Chance is a small, tiny brown horse who misses his pasture mate Bella, and Fancy, the ONLY girl here… she is mean at first and yells at me really loudly but then she is OK. I have posted a picture of Fancy and I after she is done being weird so you can see we are really really good friends, really. Why does she have to yell at me every time we sniff noses. it surprises me every time!

Girls are so WEIRD! Fancy even has her own room at the horse hotel wayyyyy at the other end of the horse hotel, I wonder why she is wayyy down THERE????

It took me awhile to settle in and figure everything out; who was friendly who was not. Chance really misses Bella but I told him I have friends who are there with Bella and he seemed to be better after that. I told him about Guinness and Roo and the goats and my mom.  Chance is getting better. I think he at first blamed me for Bella being gone, that’s not MY fault is it?

 I don’t get to play with Josh much, usually I play with Darby over the fence cuz we are SO much taller than the fence, we can touch noses and necks, a bit– gotta watch that fence,it buzzes you! Darby neighs for me when he wants to play….I like him a LOT.

I play with the woman I call Auntie, a lot; she is really nice, brings carrots and scritches me and pets me and gives me baths and massages and stretches my legs and even pulls on my tail to stretch my back out after a field trip. But best of all? She takes me to all kinds of different places to visit! Those field trips are the BEST EVER! 

I could tell this lady, Auntie was afraid me at first. but she is a LOT less afraid of me me now, which I like a lot better. We are having all kinds of adventures together! it is really FUN!I love to go to places and play.

I have been to  the helicopter place, it almost landed on us… I was really good, I remembered the bomb training we went to and I just said * i am not afraid* and then the helicopter went away. There were so many different noises and a giant log almost rolled on top of us, I was really really good. Auntie makes me feel safe. 

We went to a place that had other horses, all kinds of them, it has a river we played in and hills and pastures and giant mud holes my feet get stuck in. Auntie lets me eat grass and drink from the rivers. 

Then, we went to a place where we were not able to go into the rivers, we had to walk across them on boards. That was weird, kinda.

and then we went to a place where we did circles inside, like *school* and YOU WERE THERE!  I was so glad to see you! Thank you for coming to see me at *school* It was neat to have you and Auntie there at the same time. I was so happy!

and then, we went to a place with HILLS! where we go UP UP UP UP and then we can see fora long ways…..there are big and bigger hills.

Every place we go has so many different things to LOOK at and smell and watch closely and keep us safe from. That’s my job, right? to keep Auntie and I safe? Like I keep you and I safe?  sometimes Auntie does NOT like being kept safe by me, I get the feeling SHE wants to be the one to keep us safe, how weird is that? But, we are getting along really well.

Everyone Auntie introduces me to seems to really like me, they pet me and say nice things in a nice voices around me. I like that a LOT! I feel good about those warm, soft voices.

 I try so HARD to be a GOOD horse, mom. I try my hardest every time just like you said to do. I want to be a good horse.  

I am having a good time here @ Camp Olywa, but I miss you mom.

Tell Guinness, Roo and Goats and Gracie hi for me.

I will write again soon and send pictures of my friends!

Love and snuffles,






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