Conversations with Cato, cont.

Cato Conversations







0515131559b—I had many lovely conversations with Cato today that should just delight all of you!

Today? started with ….. Cato, I don’t understand you. You say you don’t like to be second in line, BUT once you are first? there are WAY too many terrifying *things* out there for you to go forward? How can you possibly think you can have it BOTH ways? You have to do both…. you must go forward if you are first and if you are second and more than
*my nose in first horse’s tail*? you have to be OK with that. Really, dear Cato, you simply must. You must also be Ok with being left behind, evenif the first horse gets outa sight. Really, dear Cato, you simply MUST!

Cato, you went through the golden gate little tiny eensy beensy pass-through as though it was nothing. I expected MUCH more from you. Even Hella Bella does not *do that pass through* with as much sangfroid as you. Wow. Catol dear, you rocked that!

Cato, um, why did you shy at that? what WAS that? did you really have to shy at that? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? Oh come on now.

Cato, what’s that sound? that sounds really ominous…. don’t you CARE about that sound? why should I care if you don’t care. OK! WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT GRUMBLING GROWLING SOUND.

Dear Dear Cato— do you really think I am going to send you down, or up, or through a trail that will EAT YOU? REALLY? No, I would NOT! OK? do you get that big boy? do you GET IT? Ok, let’s GO!

Cato, aren’t these pink flowers pretty? omg, there’s bees in the flowers, surrounding us…. omg. Cato. have you ever been stung? That was mellow…. nice. Good boy Cato.


Cato, what’s that rustling sound? do you hear it? should we worry? OK, you are not worried then I am not worried.

Cato, if you shy on this hill we both die–you know that don’t you? keep it steady, keep it trackin’, keep ON the trail, keep going UP and UP and UP and UP, yes, you can go across that log! Thank you Cato. good boy.

Cato, why did you go sideways and land on my left leg and spur just then? WHY?

Um, Cato, this woods is very dark…. and there are shadows…… and it’s getting dark, I better sing loudly. So, this is no big deal to you? OK then… how do you like my singing? hahahahahahahahaha….

Cato, pay attention to ME! NOW! I am the most IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW! ME ME ME ME ME ME! NOTHING IS AS IMPORTANT AS ME……. WHEW, we made it. past what? I have NO idea! FORWARD March! onWARD!

Cato, don’t you love all the flowers on the scotch broom? they are gorgeous aren’t they? yes, stuff lives in there and makes noises, yes…. we must share the planet with others. did you think you and I were the ONLY beings out here? REALLY? Come ON Cato!

Cato, I have noticed you are MUCH more comfy when you can SEE for miles and miles and miles….. once we are close in when you don’t know whats coming next ( read the underbrush of the PNW) nor can you see around the next corner? You are much more, ahem, jumpy. I have also noticed that IF at 10-11mph if your footfall is NOT solid; if it’s hesitant? something is comin’…. somethin’ MUCH bigger… that’s your *tell* as in poker, I can always tell if you have a losing hand dear Cato, or if you feel you have a losing hand. Did you know that? Did you? Do you know that?

So, Cato, did you have a great time today? you acted like it…. I tried really hard to correct you as little as I possibly could and then go on; I also tried to praise you every time you made it past something that was scarifying and you did not react. Gooood Boy! After we returned to Camp Olywa and you had a bath and got your rainsheet on and after I made sure your dinner was just right and I went back out to check on you and you came up and said….. * Auntie, I had a good time today, I loved it when you scritched me under my throat and chin and neck*.

You know what? I will take that… ’til tomorrow, big boy, til tomorrow.

HR 32 to start, 52 at the end after 10 miles of HILLS– trotting up to 900 feet a coupla times! Go Cato Mr HufnPuf, getting in better shape alla time!


2 responses to “Conversations with Cato, cont.”

  1. Connie Hoge says :

    That’s right – Cato came from the wide-open spaces of MT. I had the same type of issues with a mare I bought out of NE. She was much happier on the east side of the state!
    Good Luck at Mt. Adams!

    • tchrlady says :

      very interesting…… look fwd to having you watch me ride Cato this weekend…… warning you it is not a pretty sigh, lol, but I stay on TOP and in the MIDDLE 🙂

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