Carrot Stretches and Massage

On his days *off* from being ridden/ schooled/ having some fun on the trails… Cato gets brushed and bathed and we play carrot stretching games….. he relaxes, and leans on me. I even pull on his tail to stretch his spine…. Chancey, my arab gelding * told* Cato, that mom gives lovely massages and muscles feel better afterwards. I love just hangin’ out next to one horse or the other across the fence and watching them hang with each other.  

Cato is GREAT @ Belly Crunches and Butt Tucks…. stretch that spine OUT! stretch those muscles. My equine chiro Dr. Dale Pierson taught me lots of different types of stretches and Steph Dilts Von Moos, equine massage therapist, taught me lovely muscle massages. I love the massage sessions too… leg stretches, neck stretches, yay for a day with the horses not riding.



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