Neighing when he sees me….

When I was in high school. I kept a journal…. that journal was filled with my thoughts and feelings and my super secret thoughts. I still have those journals and when I read them now, 40 years later; I am struck by the essential need I had, back then, of *being noticed, being liked and being somebody*, but mostly being noticed by BOYS! Yes, BOYS! every page is filled with *so and so NOTICED me today, I am so in loooooove*..   Guess what? I get that same gooey feeling when Cato comes trotting across his borrowed paddock and NEIGHS at me when I yell *Hey CATO*. he NEIGHS…. I don’t know natural horsemanship, I am not trained by Ray Hunt, or Pat Parelli, or anyone else that has a name that anyone would recognize. I don’t know all the little moves that others know about how to *get your horse to….* fill in the blank. I don’t understand Chi, yeah, I read the books. I did, really. BUT, I do know that horses LIKE me and I do know that this big buckskin guy likes me! That is an incredible feeling….. this horse whom I uprooted from his pastoral home in Woodinville, and brought to Olympia, WA, seems to really enjoy it here and enjoys hangin out with me. He nuzzles my neck and closes his eyes when I scritch his ears…. he asks for carrots and pets. He leans on me when we are just hangin out…. and nickers at me when I go see him in the barn to tuck him into bed. He is Amazing….. he communicates so MUCH all the time. Amanda, you are so lucky to have this guy…. and I am so lucky to be allowed to hang out with him. Next on the menu is *more miles*. Mr. Cato is not very fit…. so 10 miles, all at the trot… easy and steady…… with Heart Rate measures. His resting HR is 32 that I can tell…. and usually after a work out he is at 40 after 15 min…. not bad, he sweats and huffs and puffs a lot but he has loads of energy and EAGERLY goes forward, through all kinds of trail challenges. ( had him knee deep in mud at Griffinwood, That clay sucky mud,,,, the clay that sucks shoes off and he was fine…. just slogged through it and then we cleaned up in the creek). He goes where I ask him to go, thus far.


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