This lunch time, went to check on the Cato

This lunch time, went to check on the big buckskin guy…… he was happily grazing in his paddock but he came over when called; to get a carrot and an ear scritch and some nuzzle time. I notice he takes his time to eat—- he *grazes* on everything, including his morning and evening gruel, hay and grass…. he is a kid at a buffet— * let me try some of that next*. By the time he comes in for the evening he is done with breakfast and by the time he gets put out for the day he is done with dinner but he does NOT wolf his food…. interesting. For an endurance horse, that habituation of eating routine is interesting.  Is he the same at a ride? In the evenings; I am used to getting Bella and Chancey nickers.  This evening?  OMG, walked into the barn and a giant buckskin nicker erupted from Cato….he said * hello* . I actually teared up……. he NICKERED at me!!!! I am in Loooove!  Chancey does that too…. Bella is a love and nickers a *hello*. But, Cato and I are so new to each other…. wow, I am honored. a NICKER! and it was so obviously FOR me that it was no mistaking it. My barn owner and barn mate noticed…… * he likes you* they said. You know, he might…… But, I also know that may or may not translate to good behavior on the morrow. We shall see……but, I am ready. I get so nervous….. and so excited to ride the big guy.  My barn owner Bernie said this evening * That is a GOOD horse, he has a great personality, I LIKE him*. šŸ™‚ Amanda, that should make you feel really good! He is a love…..and is worming his way into our hearts and lives as he did with you and your life and home.


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