Cato gets a day off today to lounge,BUT

Cato gets a day off today to lounge,BUT tomorrow? Friday afternoon? Cato and I and Celena and chosen pony shall do Trails Lessons! It may blow the giant pony’s mind, But he and I need it! NEED IT! here is why: when riding with Lisa and Anne-Marie Saturday April 20? Anne-Marie and Rifle were first at the trot, Cato and I were behind, first a nose, then a horse length, then. two horse lengths — as soon as that two horse length opened up more? Cato snaked his head downward, twisted his body, and did a dance that felt like a semi-buck. UGH, unacceptable horse behavior in my book… I whapped him hard on the neck — a couple of times while yelling * NO, you may NOT behave like that* while checking him one rein back– softly, not hard, but enough so I got his attention back. It was, like, well that he *lost his head*, his brain fell out of his body and he just reacted. Not my favorite horse behavior. But, after and during the discipline, I asked AM to *keep going* and we tried it again and he *put up with it*, he was not happy, but I was *hugging* his body, ( no, make that wrapping my legs around his giant buckskin barrel ;-)…. ready for the next move…. when Cato moves he moves BIG. So, he needs work on that…. so we shall get him back in school and work on that; I need some more skills from someone more experienced than I. Ah, Thank god for Celena, who rides a TB and has the experience and can fit me into her schedule and understands horses and will enjoy helping us… all the while moving a bit ‘o’ cash into her coffers.  Talk about win-win…. πŸ™‚ My goal is to be able to trust Cato to move out, at speed, on the trails whether he be in first, second, third, place…. and BEHAVE himself, listening to his rider…. which when he snakes his head? he is so NOT present. It was like Buh-Bye big boy…. where did you GO? where did the horse I was riding GO? I don’t know enough, yet, to anticipate that behavior, but will get there…. we will get there, observing and under control and with kindness and balance. πŸ™‚ He can DO this; We can do this! πŸ™‚ No excuses for bad behavior!


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