AERC Aarene Storms and her book Endurance 101

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Endurance 101 written by Aarene Storms, illustrated by Monica Bretherton.
Aarene’s personal blog
Her book: Endurance 101: A Gentle Guide to the Sport of Long Distance Riding, by Aarene Storms with photographs by Monica Bretherton Description: *Endurance 101* is the first book about long-distance competitive riding written specifically for beginning endurance riders, told in a comfortable narrative style with plenty of stories and photos. Gain the skills you need with the horse you have, and learn what endurance riders mean when they say that “To Finish is to Win.” here is the website to the book:
Aarene’s email is: or

Aarene ( pronounced Erin) is an engaging, informal, interactive presenter. She started us off with the admonition that *help is not always helpful and in fact it can be disastrous, she said, (no catastrophes, please*.
She wanted her session to be interactive so she set it up so that audience members would ask questions and other audience members would answer; along the lines of Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre whereby it is better to have a good question than an answer.

Then she asked us to come up with the 30 second, elevator ride, and recruitment blurb: * how do you recruit people to this, our beloved sport? That was entertaining.
She then said that when she got the idea for her book she asked everyone she could think of the seminal question * what do you wish you would have known when you started this sport?* those answers of experienced veterans of the sport are included in her book.

Then, we talked about our preconceived ideas, and misconceptions about the sport. E And we all wondered where we could all get a GOOD mentor, that is still a little intimidating to all of us….. she encouraged us to ask questions, lots of questions, and to treat every answer as *right* until we tested it with our horse and program. THINK, she said, * will it work for me and my horse?*. Hmmmmmm
Please, she said, do share all of your mistakes OPENLY, so we can all learn from each other. She did!

Then, she showed us a stick horse vet ck trot out, see the video clips.

I got the sense that Aarene is all about education, pass the word, share ideas, educate educate, educate.
I was reminded of the latest BCHW meeting I attended wherein my seat partner declared that * if I was an endurance rider, I abused my horses*. Hmmm, author tapping finger on chin, choosing her battles, deciding how to approach this topic for the betterment of all involved. Aarene sweetly offered to come do that, if we could do that during the winter, just shoot her an invitation; Ok, I likely will. She did say she would come to Olympia, WA.
The other prong of Aarene’s seminar was to get the word out to everyone in the community; example—pass cards out at local businesses about endurance. She has taken on the *recruit some younger people* seriously. She also said, that teaching the skills we use in endurance will stand a kiddo in good stead in much more in life…. So why not take this show into local middle and high schools? She said that all of the vet ck things can be performed on a patient dog (stethoscope, heart rate, capillary refill, trot out; and you can always use a stuck horse as she did at our presentation.
Here is a link to some cute clips from the presentation, enjoy!


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